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How it's all done

All our work is patiently created in our own workshop here at S&S Creations.

We have an extensive supply of raw materials just waiting to be crafted into that piece of artwork that you desire. All stone cutting and ironwork is carried out by Steve in the workshop and all materials are sourced locally. For the stone that we use each piece is carefully selected to maximise the variety of colours and to ensure that the stone is just right for whatever it is we are working on.


We have two main stone cutting machines which use diamond tipped saw blades. To cut the stone it's simply fixed in place in the machine, the width of the stone slice set to the required size and then off it goes. Once the slices are cut each one is then handcut to the required shape.

All our stained glass and jewellery is handcrafted by Stephanie. All our designs are first drawn out by hand to achieve the desired effect. Each piece of glass is then cut to the required shape before being assembled for the final piece of artwork.


As well as providing "free standing" pieces of art we can also provide stained glass windows and doors and also do on site repairs if required.

Call us on 705-785-2466 or email us for details.